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  1. Committed!  The TTF team is dedicated to providing the best possible service to both candidates and clients.  We do not work the average “40 hour week” and are frequently talking with candidates and clients in the evening or over the weekends.  We do what it takes to match Top Talent with great clients.

  2. Connected!  Our proprietary database of healthcare professionals is approaching 800,000 people throughout the United States and will continue to grow.   We spend a tremendous amount of time and resources building a system that allows our recruiting professionals to reach the “hidden” candidates that are not applying to online positions.  For candidates, we have the ability to reach the proper Decision Makers and cut the “red tape” that is typically involved with applying for positions.

  3. Confidential!  TTF frequently works with candidates who are currently employed and we do NOT believe in the “blasting resumes” approach to matching Top Talent with the right company.  We work with our candidates to make sure that the positions we are representing are a good match before presenting resumes to a client.  For clients, we only want to present the most qualified candidates and keep your information confidential with candidates until they are properly screened and qualified.  Quality is the key, not quantity!

  4. Passionate!  The recruiting and staffing industry is known to have a very high turnover rate and is not for the faint of heart.  The unpredictable nature of our business requires career consultants who are passionate about finding the right opportunity for candidates and the best ROI for the client.  Our team members bring this passion to work every day.

  5. Knowledgeable!  The team members of TTF understand your business.  We are active in over 14 healthcare trade associations and stay on top of the changes that are happening in the industry.  Our senior leadership team averages at least 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry or with healthcare recruiting.  We like Red, Red Wine but understand the difference between UB40 and UB04.

  6. Proven!  The TTF team members have successfully filled over 14,000 positions through a combined 35 years of experience.  We have been recognized in the top 2% of the recruiting industry and have numerous references that can be provided.  

  7. Flexible!  TTF does not believe that one size fits all.  We combine our proven methods of recruitment with a customizable approach to what each client needs.  

  8. Innovative!  TTF stays on top of the latest technology and trends to provide cutting edge solutions for our clients and candidates.

  9. Resourceful!  Finding the right job or candidate is like fishing: if you have a good guide who knows where to fish and what bait to use you will be more successful.  Each method of finding the right job/candidate can be compared to a lake that you can fish in.  Studies show that an online advertisement reaches less than 10% of the potential candidates for a position.  For candidates, many companies do not advertise open positions and it is impossible to know each place where they do advertise.  The majority of employers and candidates only fish in one or two lakes (online advertising, etc..) while TTF fishes in over 20 on a daily basis.  Why take a chance on missing out on the perfect candidate or job by only fishing in one lake and restricting your options?  Let the TTF experts be your guide.

  10. FUN!  Life is too short not to enjoy what you do every day.  We believe a large part of our success can be attributed to a culture that emphasizes humor and having fun with each other, clients and candidates.  Laughter can be the best medicine in the ever-changing world of healthcare.

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